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Middle School

Adolescents ask “Who am I?” “What am I good at?” “Where do I fit in?” and “How can I contribute?”  Our Middle School is a community where our teachers work side by side with our adolescents to help them answer these questions.  

The Ruffing Middle School Community is an engaged learning environment, where we embrace the tremendous potential of adolescents, recognize and nurture their academic strengths, and provide guidance to our students as they grapple with their sense of self and place in the future.

The Ruffing Middle School is a dynamic academic environment for 7th and 8th year students. Small class sizes foster close relationships with teachers and are participatory, often conducted in Socratic seminar format, allowing for the exchange of ideas. Assignments are challenging and varied, but also purposeful and designed to help students develop skills applicable not only to the next step of their education, but to the real world.

The curriculum is rigorous with a daily schedule of classes, graded assignments and specialist teachers for each subject. An emphasis is placed on expository and creative writing, as well as oral presentations, preparing students to excel at these essential skills. Humanities instruction involving novel discussions and history lessons provide a thematic framework for coursework. In addition, daily algebra and geometry math classes, aligned with inquiry and lab-based science classes focusing on physics, chemistry, and genetics, provide students with a strong math and science foundation. Additional offerings, including global language, art, music, physical education and interscholastic athletics, ensure a rich and comprehensive experience for each student.

Ruffing’s Middle School program emphasizes ongoing interaction with the greater community. Students have the opportunity for extended and local travel, cultural experiences, and weekly community service and service-learning opportunities at Medwish International, The Cleveland Kids Book Bank, and Ruffing’s Outdoor Learning Environment. Such experiences provide meaningful life lessons to our students, ensuring they are not only prepared academically, but also socially and emotionally so as to develop a strong sense of integrity, character and social justice.

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 3:15 pm
Optional Study Sessions: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

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