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Tuition & Affordability

Tuition & Fees 2023 - 2024

$12,200 - $18,900

$11,300 - $18,500

$15,000 - $16,250


Affording Ruffing & Tuition Assistance

Click here for Ruffing’s 2023-2024 Tuition & Fee Schedule

Having the best and brightest students in our classrooms is a priority, and we strive to make a Ruffing education affordable for as many families as possible through tuition assistance. Ruffing welcomes and considers all applicants regardless of financial need. Those who wish to apply for tuition assistance should do so simultaneously with the school admissions process, noting that the ability to pay is not a consideration for admissions.

Ruffing offers need-based Tuition Assistance to current and prospective families. Ruffing uses FACTS Grant & Aid to determine tuition assistance awards that are based on demonstrated financial need. When a family applies, FACTS Grant & Aid provides a summary financial report along with a recommended award, which is then taken into consideration by the School. Ruffing devotes up to 12% of tuition revenue for tuition assistance and we encourage families to apply with the caveat that Ruffing may award only up to 50% of tuition to qualified applicants.

How and When To Apply


The online application opens on January 1, and we ask that current families complete the online application before February 1. Prospective families should apply when submitting your admission application.

Ruffing does not charge a fee to apply for tuition assistance; however, the third party service to whom you will provide your financial information does charge a non-refundable processing fee (currently $40) payable by credit card at the end of the application process.

Submit Your Tax Documentation

Prior year Federal and State tax forms, schedules, W-2s, and all other tax documentation must be submitted by March 1 for verification. Please schedule your tax appointment early!

Tuition Assistance Awards Announced
Final award amounts are contingent upon verification of prior year taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors are considered when determining tuition assistance awards?

Ruffing uses the calculations of FACTS Grant & Aid in determining the demonstrated need of a family. Other factors taken into consideration include information provided in tax documentation, the number of children enrolled at tuition-based schools, as well as extenuating circumstances. Additional criteria is used for those who are self-employed or own a business, or if there is a non-working parent by choice.

What happens if there are multiple households?
(parents are divorced, separated, never married, or remarried)

Each parent/guardian household must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application. Consideration of the assets and available resources of both parents and their spouses or live-in partners is based on the belief that a family’s contribution should reflect the ability to contribute, not the willingness to contribute. The School is not bound by any existing decrees, agreements or arrangements exempting one parent from financial responsibility for educational costs. All financial information is kept strictly confidential and at no time will one household have access to the others’ information.

What if we do not receive as much tuition assistance as we anticipated?

Keeping in mind that the School has limited funds available to award, Ruffing may only be able to help with a portion of the demonstrated need. The goal is to help families bridge the gap between available resources and tuition. To appeal an award decision, please submit a letter or email to the School as soon as possible explaining what circumstances warrant reconsideration.

Is tuition assistance renewed automatically year to year?

Families must re-apply each year because financial situations may change. However, once a family has received a reduced tuition, it is reasonable to expect that assistance will be renewed, provided the family’s financial situation has not changed substantially and the recipient is in good academic standing with the School. Also, for returning families, tuition accounts need to be in good standing before an application for tuition assistance will be considered.

Tuition Assistance Review Committee Contact Information

Contact Ruffing's Tuition Assistance Review Committee with questions at (216) 321-7571 or