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Student Care

Ruffing Montessori School's Center for Student Care serves as a front-line resource for students needing additional learning support.

The Center for Student Care is staffed by a team of student support specialists, including two Reading Support Teachers, a Reading and Math Support Teacher, and a School Social Worker who also serves as Director of Student Care.

This team takes a collaborative approach to guide and support students in their desire to learn, with a goal toward increased independence. Specialists work one-on-one or in small groups with students, building strong relationships which can help children better understand their individual learning style and meet their academic potential.

For any student requiring additional support, our Director of Student Care is available to work closely with that student, their parents, and teachers to formulate an individualized Care Plan. Care Plans are comprised of interventions, accommodations and modifications designed to address the student’s specific needs and to maximize success in the classroom.

For additional information about our Center for Student Care, please contact our Director of Student Care Josh Chefitz at or (216) 321.7571 x 341.