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Designing and discovering the future together with
Ruffing Design House.

With your help, Ruffing Design House will be the creative catalyst for generations of students, families, and partners who want to make a difference. Our Montessori-inspired design-thinking spaces will deliver an immersive educational experience like no other.


Case for Support - click the image below to read

First page of the PDF file: CaseforSupportBookp10

Questions regarding the Meet the Moment campaign?
Please email Cara Berg at


Honorary Chairs
Maureen Harrington and Gordon Maas, Head of School 2001-2016
Charlotte and Jack Newman

Campaign Co-Chairs
Chris Haffke
David H. Lavelle
John Newman ‘86
Katie Wozniak

Campaign Steering Committee
Amanda Bellows
Julie Comber-Martin and Pete Martin
Beth Edelstein and Bedel Tiscareño
Seth Engstrom
Kathie Freer, Head of School
Rebecca N. Holland, President of the Board
Nancy Lyon-Stadler
Tia Melton, MD
Sarah and Ed Peck
Amy and Chris Pinkerton
Lori Postak
Meredith Prince ‘97
Christy and Jake Rutkowski
Melissa Skilken Hill
Lily Skove Hellmuth '96
Brooke and Hugh Slater '92
Matthew Stefan '16
Michelle and Michael Stefan
Allayne and Kevin Stephans
Stefanie and Jason Sweet
Sydnia Tcheurekdjian

Student Steering Committee
Chloe DelaCruz '25
Lucas Tcheurekdjian '24 
Rosie Kekic '26
Veera Pillai '27
Tariq Arafah '26

House Committee
Natalie Bluestone, AMI
Rebecca N. Holland
Melanie Knowles
Michelle Kolbe
Debra Mitchell
Kelly O'Melia
David Waski, Ruffing Design House Program Manager
Stacey Weiher

The children of today will make all the discoveries of tomorrow...they will improve what has been done to make fresh discoveries. They must make all the improvements in houses, cities, communications, methods of production, etc. that are to be made. The future generations must know not only how to do what we can teach them,
they must be able to go a step further.

Dr. Maria Montessori