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The Ruffing Fund



The Ruffing Fund picks up where tuition leaves off, providing operational flexibility to the school. Gifts to The Ruffing Fund enhance the people, programs, and activities of our Ruffing community.  

The Ruffing Fund is what helps us uphold The Ruffing World of Difference.

The Ruffing World of Difference is what makes us stand out from the rest. It is the breadth of our green and sustainability initiatives, a humanities curriculum with a foundation in peace education, the commitment to service and social responsibility our students learn from their earliest years. The Ruffing World of Difference inspires the change-makers, the educators, the creators, and the global citizens of the next generation. The Ruffing Fund makes this possible.

Why give to The Ruffing Fund?

Your gift to The Ruffing Fund signals your strong support of and belief in The Ruffing World of Difference and the profound impact it has on our people, programs, and activities. 

PEOPLE – 100% of students, faculty, and staff benefit from The Ruffing Fund through tuition assistance, continued Montessori training, and  guest educators.

PROGRAMS – Ruffing’s award-winning green and sustainability initiatives, along with other programs like peace education and community outreach, are enhanced by Ruffing Fund donations.

ACTIVITIES – The Ruffing Fund offsets the cost of field trips, community service opportunities, and school events.

Every level of our school, from the Toddler Community to the Middle School, benefits from gifts made to The Ruffing Fund. Your gift to The Ruffing Fund helps make Ruffing the one-of-a-kind school that it is. Click here to view our most recent annual report.

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