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Why Montessori

From the moment you walk into a Montessori classroom, the difference is palpable.

In classrooms for our youngest children, you may be surprised by the smell of baking bread, the sight of children working with and manipulating objects, cards, beads, puzzle maps and letters, the sound of cheerful voices in conversation, and the sense calm and purpose within the classroom.

As you tour the Upper Elementary and Middle School, you will notice the ease and confidence of our students, their inquisitive questions, ability to draw connections and to think critically. You will also notice their engagement with adults and each other, their ability to manage time, work productively and regulate behavior – not just because a teacher is around – but because they have been given the freedom and respect to manage their own behavior from a very young age.

Many parents begin their Montessori journey enamored with the process. Indeed, the Montessori philosophy is fascinating. Based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations of children and substantiated by neuroscience and recent discoveries as to how the brain works best, parents and children are intellectually engaged by this educational method.

But it is the product that is most compelling. For Ruffing, the product is the 8th year graduate – articulate, confident, thoughtful, compassionate, collaborative, intellectually curious and academically strong. Ruffing graduates are sought after and excel in the high school environment they choose.

From high school to college and beyond, Ruffing alumni are a dynamic and diverse group, with young alumni currently attending MIT, Princeton, Dartmouth, University of St. Andrews (Scotland), Columbia, Colorado College, Kenyon, Colgate, Art Institute of Chicago,  Boston Conservatory, the Ohio State University and more. Our graduates in the work world are pursuing careers in finance, education, medicine, social justice efforts, architecture, film, music, science and entrepreneurial endeavors. Although our graduates have ventured far beyond the stone wall, they remain intrinsically connected by their respective sense of purpose, innovation and energy. In short, Ruffing students just might change the world.