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Montessori in the news

General Interest

“What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades”, The New York Times article by Maria Konnikova,

The Montessori Mafia,” Wall Street Journal article by Peter Sims.

Montessori Builds Innovators,” by Andrew McAfee in the Harvard Business Review.

In The Christian Science Monitor, writer Eoin O’Carroll asks, “Does Montessori’s ‘Child-Centered’ Method Work?”

“Is Montessori the Origin of Google and Amazon?” by business author Steve Denning in a Forbes blog post as a follow up to his article, Wakeup Call for the Gates Foundation: Think Bigger!”

“Montessori, Now 100, Goes Mainstream,” from the January 2, 2007 issue of The Washington Post

In “Game Master,” from the November 6, 2006 issue of New Yorker magazine, award-winning videogame designer Will Wright (of The Sims) gives credit to his Montessori education

“Maria Montessori and 10 Famous Graduates from her Schools,” by Chris Gaylord in The Christian Science Monitor